Recommendations for Professionals in South Jersey (Brigantine)

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I am considering purchasing a property in South Jersey for mixed vacation rental/personal use and was wondering if anyone has recommendations for property managers and/or cleaning services that serve the Brigantine area.


Not sure I can help you with that, just a word to the wise always ask what flood insurance is and if the house need to be raised. Many houses on barrier islands need to be raised, and flood insurance could eat up all your profit.

Good luck!

Cleaners are abundant, businesses and private individuals. 

My game is local and hands on so I think most PM is over rated.  I can see using an agent to fill a vacancy if I wasn't local.

ELEVATION IS EVERYTHING HERE!!!   I have purchased Sandy flooded houses, just know what you are getting into!  I do cash or private loans that don't require flood ins.

I have a great agent if you are interested.

@Kurt Kwart Thanks. I am interested in a duplex with a long term renter in the bottom and summer rental in the top unit. I figured that way I have some stability of income during the winter months and I could potentially use the top unit in the shoulder season when it is not booked (although I am sure I will regret it when tax season comes around). I travel a lot, so I don't think I will be able to commit to being at the unit every weekend during the summer to do a turnover and manage any maintenance issues that come up during the week, which is why I am seeking a PM.

While I will be using a loan for the first purchase, I am hoping to do all cash for any others going forward. Have you looked into Lloyds of London or any of the other alternate flood insurance options that are starting to pop up?

I am working with an agent now on this purchase, but would definitely be interested in a recommendation for next time. My current agent isn't as familiar with the market as I would prefer.

flood insurance is basically government backed and prices are not supposed to vary much.  I do have Lloyds for a homeowners policy 

Do you know if brigantine allows weekly rentals? 

Also, I think there are tax consequences going from passive rentals to an active business (which I understand is how weekly / airbnb type rentals work. Something to consider 

Originally posted by @Kurt Kwart :

Do you know if brigantine allows weekly rentals? 

Good catch there, I remember hearing something about Atlantic City not allowing rentals under 30 days to non hotels. Just hearsay, never had the time to read through the zoning laws. But is something to look into.

Just looked it up, the lobbying group "Short Term Rental Advocacy Center" has an older article on this. Apparently the short term rental ban was lifted in Atlantic City, that being said there are politicians in the area gunning for short term rentals.