Burlington county, NJ Gen. Contractor?

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Hi BP,

I'm looking for a GC in Burlington County that serves the greater Mount holly area. I'm looking for honesty, trust and someone with a good reputation that won't rip me off.

Any suggestions?



Hi Jesse, I am also an investor in that general area.  What type of GC are you looking for?  Major construction/renovations, or one off handyman items?  Do you have a current project or are you looking to build out your team?  As with all professions, the good ones are already busy.  Also, the people that use them frequently do not want to share their names because they want the GC to be available for them when they need them.  But you may be able to find someone that you can partner/jv with.  You need to get educated on construction rehab costs.  There is a decent book available for sale on the BP website by J Scott "the book on estimating rehab costs" .  There are lots of other resources for that information, its a matter of how much you want to get into the details. 

Good luck

Jesse Richardson this is Jersey the most corrupt state in the USA. Of course you will get taken advantage of. That's why you should factor that into your costs. If you find an honest GC pay him and treat him nice.

@Kevin Zimmer we are looking for a GC for a large remodel.  We are looking at properties that we can take down to the studs and rebuild.  New siding, electrical, insulation, plumbing, windows, roof, deck, sheet rock, etc.  Also, need a designer to help with the layout.  So, preferably a GC that has worked with designers before.  This would be for a primary residence, not a flip or rental.

The reason we want to do it this way is because the market is flat up there.  So I'd like to get forced appreciation if I can't get it naturally.

@Watson Hilaire .  I know that it's pretty corrupt; I lived there for 6 years.  But that doesn't mean I should accept that as the standard, and neither should anyone else. Just because something is the way it is, doesn't mean it should stay that way or be that way.  Search, "monkeys sprayed with water."

If I find a good guy, I'll be sure to treat him well, and build a nice rapport with him.  As they say in BP podcasts, it's all about the relationship.

Anyway, if you have a name you trust and would "lend" to me, please message me.  Thanks!