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I was told i could find a great free way to find sellers though code violations for what ever county i live in or wanna buy in. Now i wanna obtain for example middlsex county in new jersey does anybody know how to find the code violations for this county or find fire damaged homes?

Hi Ray,

Process may vary slightly per county, however, the following has worked for us.  1.) Visit local municipal offices and head over to the clerk's office.  2.) Fill out an OPRA request (Formal request to release public records) with a specific description of what you want.  Our forms ask how you want the information delivered to you--we always check e-mail as it seems to be quickest.  3.)  Usually within a week we'll have the code violations in our e-mail.

Actually, after typing this just did a quick google search for Middlesex County OPRA.  Appears you have it even easier than we do:  http://www.middlesexcountynj.gov/Pages/OPRA.aspx

Hope this helps some.


Hey @Ray Agosto , I am nearby in Monmouth County. I would love to understand how you would leverage this information. Also, @Ray Masciangelo ...do you have to have a specific property in mind to perform this search? Or does it pull all info for all properties in that county? 

Hi @Ray Agosto try using this website.  Fortunately for me the market I invest in provides access to; 1. tax assessment 2. code violations 3. permits pulled on property 4. account number for water utility and owners direct contact information so I don't have this issue.  But try this site as I know many wholesalers who have been able to use it to their advantage.  


Well @Wendy Bykowicz with the OPRA it will help to get FREE or Cheap (depending) records of code violations, such as uncut grass & uncut grass a certain height. It will help obtain a list of potential motivated sellers. 


@Wendy Bykowicz you do not have to have a specific property.  We typically pull them every 6 months and in our area this usually ends up being a list approx 18-25 pages with 30 or so records on each page.  

Hey @Anthony Tulino we request the entire list.  We have found that from town to town it varies as far as which department is actually responsible for serving notice of code violations as well as enforcing the notices/fines.  Some towns have an actual code/housing enforcement division, some towns handle it through the police dept and some even handle it through the zoning office.  

Excuse me @Ray Masciangelo i was wondering when putting in a application what would i be asking for as in for information.

@Ray Agosto we ask for "All code enforcement violations."  If it's a new town where we are making the request we will clarify to the clerk exactly what it is we want and that we want them for all properties within the past 6 months.  Once we explain it to the clerk that we are looking for the code violations such as long grass, broken windows, abandoned cars in the driveway, etc they have all known right away what we wanted and which dept. to get the list from for us.

Hope this helps!

P.S. While you're in there you might as well also include a 2nd request on your OPRA form for all of the tax lien/delinquent properties.  That almost always comes from the tax assessor's office.

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