Property Management questions

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Hey guys, I am doing research about potentially starting a Property Management company but some of the information i am getting is contradictory. Maybe you guys an help me?

1. Do you need a real estate brokers license to start a property management company?

2. Is there a minimum of real estate hours you need to have before starting your own property management company?

3. If you do need a broker license, would i be able to start my own property management company and just join someones brokerage like a sponsor?

Any information would help.


This is very state specific.   Look up the Real Estate requirements for NY.   Most states do require a license.   If you search these forums this has been discussed at length and you may be able to get more info there as well. 

I bet some or maybe MANY property managers are not licensed..  They are just handyman/super.

New Jersey requires a real estate license to manage properties for third parties - i. e. properties not owned by YOU or your company. You can get a salesperson's license with 75 hour coursework and a test, and then place your license with a broker that does property management to get started. If you want to form your own company, you will need a licensed broker on your staff.