Do I have to fix it?

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I have a question to ask all the landlords out there.  I have a tenant who has accumulated a lot of mold on top of the bathroom ceiling.  He kept on asking me to repaint the bathroom because it was dirty and it was peeling.  I explained to him that I don't repaint because it's dirty and also the dirt is from mold that can't/shouldn't be repainted over.  

Judging from signs around the bathroom, I sense they are taking very hot showers and it's causing peeling in the paint on the wall and also mold and mildew.  I helped them wiped down the mold and mildew but the paint is still peeling.  There is a ceiling fan in the bathroom but I have a feeling they aren't using because it's generates cool air.  

In this case, am I responsible to repaint their bathroom?  What would everyone do in this situation?

I would repaint it to prevent further damage.  You can get a product called kiltz that blocks stains.  I would also look into having a person install a fan that goes on when you turn on the lights.  This way the fan automatically goes on.  Once you paint the ceiling if the damage reappears, tell the tenant they are responsible for paying for the repainting as it is caused by them not using the fan in the bathroom-which they need to run during showers and for 15 minutes AFTER they are done.

A ceiling fan, or an exhaust fan? An exhaust fan shouldn’t produce cold air. If one is not installed, I’d get a high quality exhaust fan in there and as was mentioned, connect the power to the lights so they have to run it while showering. Also, I assume it is mildew on the ceiling and not mold? Mold is a bigger issue...

Gotta be careful, mold is a health hazard. I would definitely look into the cause of the mold. Hot showers shouldn't be the cause of mold, but maybe you can ask them to keep the door open after showers. Would it be possible theres a leak from above, say the roof?

Mold is definitely caused by occupants showering for protracted periods in confined spaces and is very common.  I agree the best way to prevent it is for the HIGH capacity exhaust fan to be connected to the lights, and also make sure the tenants pay their own water and gas-electric bills.  Then they have an incentive to economize on the duration of the shower.  Beyond that, maybe a signed agreement that you have cleaned the area with the appropriate cleaner, repainted, and the tenant is responsible for all subsequent problems in the affected area.