Bergenfield NJ or Teaneck NJ

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HI BP Community,

I'm looking to purchase a single family house in Bergenfield NJ and Teaneck NJ but I am unfamiliar with NJ Market.

Which out of these two towns is a better renter town? I believe Teaneck is a huge renter town but I'm uniformed about Bergenfield NJ.

You can probably get higher rents in Teaneck, but that is neighborhood dependent. Areas around houses of worship that are walkable will be much more expensive in either town. Both towns have property taxes on the high side. I would say the school systems are similarly rated, neither being particularly good.

Just curious why those two towns? I live nearby in New Milford which is right next to Bergenfield. Houses in Bergenfield and Teaneck can be fairly low if your going to put some work into it. Taxes are around 8-12K for a 300-400k house.