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I'm in the process of buying a townhouse in Newark that I eventually want to rent out to section 8 tenants. What is the process to become a section 8 landlord in NJ? How long does the overall process usually take? Is it hard to find tenants? What are some challenges I should be aware of?


Once you put up your listing people may ask if you accept section 8 vouchers. I would check this link: They can explain their process and might give you leads. I'm in Passaic county.

Keep in mind that not all section 8 tenants are bad (I had some great ones). If you don't screen them as well as you would any other tenant you might regret it. You'll realize money is not everything real quick!

like @Brian Liscio stated, you pretty much advertise your unit wherever you want and the prospects that have section 8 will let you know they have it. they may ask you if you accept section 8.  legally you are not supposed to say 'no'.  The process takes about a  month unless you fail the inspection.  

@Anne Williams    Just a word to the wise as someone who has had both good and bad Section 8 (and non Section 8) tenants:  Vetting tenants is all the more important w/ Section 8 as you will jump through a lot of hoops from the municipality. When you choose a good section 8 tenant, it's great. However, a bad one can make your life very difficult. Ask for past landlord and personal references and then follow up w/ them. Go through your normal checks (background, eviction, credit). Section 8 is a double-edged sword so you want to be very careful w/ vetting. Also, once you acquire the property, visit the local Section 8/Housing Dept. and try to get in good with them. Knowing someone there that you can call will make your life a lot easier. 

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It will NOT be hard to find Section8 tenants.

You will definitely want to screen heavily.

Once you decide on a tenant your property will go through a Sect. 8 inspection....after you pass the inspection, the guaranteed income starts rolling in.

Screen your tenants heavily.

A snapshot that I use (That is also a little controversial) Is

No Pets, Period. If you have a service animal I can of course ask what kind of ESA it is. If you tell me you have an emotional support rotweiller, pit bull or snake then my alarms will go up but I can't refuse you based on that (of course). Now, if I have four potential tenants that ALL have a Section 8 voucher, and one has an emotional support Rotweiller and the other three potential tenants that don't have an emotional support Rotweiller also have Section 8 Vouchers then............. if one of those other three is picked that has a Section 8's merely a coincidence. I am NOT saying I have done this by the way.

No smoking of any kind period, I don't care of you have a prescription card for the green stuff, you won't be doing that at my rental.

No felonies, ever.

No evictions, ever.