Finding Owners of Abandoned Houses in NJ

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I have been making notes about seemingly abandoned or dilapidated houses in NJ and wanted to know what is the best tool to go about finding the information about who owns the house.

Also, perhaps someone has some guidance on a good way to approach some owners and see if they are willing to sell.

Thanks for any help

Hey Carl, in what markets are you looking?

One of the best ways to finding home owner i found is also the simplest. You can find home owner's full name in the tax record. After you can skip trace to get in contact.

You can use the NJ Parcels site and the couple that with free sites like anywho or upgrade to Spokeo or skip tracing, but just pulling a ton of info on one property is a real shot in the dark. It's a different approach if they are local, if they occupy, or if they are absentee. It's a different approach if it's paid off or it's pending foreclosure or has a lis pendens.