Property Management in ABQ & Santa Fe Areas

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Hi.  Seeking referrals for solid property management companies in both Santa Fe and Albuquerque areas.  Any recommendations?

Albuquerque - Rhino Realty.

@Kari D. what type of property size are looking for management for? SFH, or MF?
For MF I would recommend T&C Management in Albuquerque.

@Frankie Woods - I haven't worked with them directly as I work in residential sales, not rentals.  However my realty, Keller Williams, has made them one of our preferred vendors since they take good care of people who are looking for a rental as well as property owners looking to rent their properties.  

Thanks for the referral Ben. Im brand new to Bigger Pockets, but look forward to growing my network. 

A year or so back I did some research on PMs in ABQ, when I thought ABQ was the correct market for me. I came across a company called Realty Pro, Jim Meek. Out of the 3 or 4 I interviewed, I liked them best. They seemed to have a good set of systems in place.

Couture came in second on my list.

Edited to add - I'm still very much a noob investor, being in the process of acquiring my first property as we speak. So take my recommendations for what you paid for them....


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