Where are you investing in Albuquerque

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Fellow investors!

Which areas / zip codes are you focusing on in Albuquerque.  I have seen success in NE heights near Alameda / I-25, Taylor Ranch / Golf Course in North Valley, and Nob Hill.  However, it seems like the competition to find BP quality properties is stiff!

Interesting. Why aren't you sending me the deals from there @David Torres ?  Keeping them for yourself :( ?  We need to chat @Ben Curry . I've been searching on the MLS for opportunities up there and haven't found any in the past year. But the population growth up there is respectable!

I am.  I'm a little hesitant to invest in the SW and near Kirtland as I haven't been focusing my research there.  I've missed the REIAs mostly due to work :/.  My plan is to be better about attending in the upcoming months.

I purchased two SF homes in Rio Rancho. Both were bank owned. The first is currently listed. We did a complete rehab. The address is 10012 Chantilly Rd NW. 

The second one is currently rented. It only needed minor repairs.

Can you recommend a mortgage broker or bank. I would like to refinance the 2nd home.  

The next purchase goal would be a multifamily or possibly a storage unit. May even consider property suited for a storage unit. I would need some help with that project.

@Joel Scheer sent you a DM, but I would highly recommend Kim Kissane at Premiere Choice for your refi.  I have used her successfully on several BRRRRs.  She really knows her stuff and helped me as a self employed person qualify for several.