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I really love real estate and have been educating myself. I am currently a freshman in college in the city, but as the semester comes to an end, I really would like to begin my journey. I plan on getting my real estate license. Now, I want to begin wholesaling real estate. I am very good at collecting and analyzing data, and with very little money, I feel that this is a good way to start. If anyone is from around the NYC area with advice, recommendations, or things to think about when starting out, please let me know and would love to connect.

Thank You 

Welcome Chris! There is a wealth of podcast, articles and e-books on the subject of wholesing here on bigger pockets 

Also, attend local REIAs and begin to network with more seasoned wholesalers and rehabbers. 

Welcome @Chris Stephens` You've found the right place to get your questions answered. I'm in California so I don't have boots-on-ground advice for you.

I'm just encouraging you from afar. Go get'em

Hi @Matthew Weiser thanks for the welcome. I also see your from Queens! Before I start charging , I would love to analyze the market in NYC and LI and create deals and share them for free with investors, such as yourself, and around the area and 1. get feedback, 2. build relationships. Once I proved I am capable of finding and analyzing good deals then I would begin to charge. Also, do you happen to know of any real estate groups/ clubs that meet around this area as well or maybe network with each other? 


Welcome to the community @Chris Stephens`

I would recommend searching meetup.com for your town and real estate and several groups should come up.

hey @Chris Stephens` I am also from NY (really the city ). And yes there are meets in a lot of places and even in Long Island if you go to REIClubs.com it will list the different clubs.  

I will advise you however to read through everything biggerpockets has to offer and educate you on real estate investing. 

Check out bigger pockets . Com/ UBG 

UBG. Stands for ultimate beginners guide 

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