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This post is a call to all my fellow investors in the Southern Tier of NY. I am creating a new REI club servicing Binghamton and the surrounding areas. Our first meeting is at the Vestal Library, 630pm on Thursday July 23rd.

We are looking for both seasoned and new investors to participate- both to foster new learning and new partnerships. Come check us out if you're in the area. 

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UPDATE: OUR REI Meetings are now the 4th Wednesday of the month at the Spot Restaurant in Binghamton. Please see my post at the bottom of this thread, or message me with your email and I can add you to the email list!

Thanks for organizing this Chris. I'll be there!

Sounds great. My wife and I will be there.

I'll be there however I'm moving to Virginia Beach as soon as my home sells. I do have properties for sale now. 

Awesome guys! I look forward to seeing you there. Please be prepared to speak about any deals you're working on, partnerships you'd like to make. or something you may have to sell. This will be a good opportunity for us to do a meet and greet. 

Oh! I wish I had seen this earlier. Please let me know the next time you plan to meet.

Paul McCue

No worries, you can come to our next meeting, It's open to greater Binghamton area, as well as investors from outside the area as well. 

Our next meeting is going to be held August 25th, at 6:30 PM. This will be held at the Vestal library. Our featured speaker will be presenting on the student housing opportunity that exists in our area. We hope to see you then. 

Originally posted by @William Haller :

Do you still meet?

William- yes we do! Binghamton REI still meets the 4th Tuesday each month. We're over at Brothers 2 on Watson Blvd in Endwell now.

From 6-7 is for networking and the chance to order dinner. 7pm starts the speaker portion of the meeting . 

Upcoming meetings are tomorrow, May 24th, June 28, July 26th, etc. please come join us! 

I won't make it tonight (preparing property for June 1st tenant).  But hopefully I'll see you in June. Thanks for the info

Is this club meeting in August?  This Tuesday, 8/23?  

Hey David, 

Yes, we are meeting This Tuesday, the 23rd. Meeting starts at 6pm for networking and the opportunity to order dinner. 7 pm starts our speaker portion. Come join us tomorrow, and feel free to bring along others that may be interested as well. 


Chris Stanis

Yes sir! Email reminders usually go out about a week and then a couple of days before the meetings. You are correct!

Just to verify time & location for the Southern Tier REI - there are 2 threads discussing this group, this one says the

Vestal Library, 630pm, the other says the Brother's 2 Restaurant, 2901 Watson Blvd, Endwell, NY

Also, they say at 6:30, and recently 6:00 PM was mentioned?


Hey Roger, 

Thanks for the input! Yes- the original meetings for the Southern Tier REI club were at the Vestal Library. We've since outgrown their meeting space, and wanted our members to not miss having dinner to come.

This entire year, our meetings have been at Brother's 2 Restaurant in Endicott, the 4th Tuesday each month. 

Meetings start at 6pm for networking and the chance to order dinner. 

The Educational portion starts at 7pm. 

Many of our members come sometime between 6 and 7, depending on when their personal schedule allows. 

One of our members, @Zachary Smith will be running this month's meeting.

We'll look forward to seeing you there! And of course, our REI often attracts guests from Binghamton, Ithaca, Elmira, Oneonta, and Scranton!

Is the Southern Tier REI club still being held on the 4th Tuesday of each month? Would love to attend the next meeting, but would like to know if they are still being held there considering the last reply to this was 5 months ago. Thanks.

Yup, as stated above, folks gather at the Brother's 2 Restaurant, 2901 Watson Blvd, Endwell, NY around 6:00. 

Ok, thanks.

Hey guys....So when is the next meeting?  New to this and trying to make some connections in the area?  thanks in advance, rob

Hey Robert. our next meeting is Tuesday, March  28th, at 138 Front St, in Binghamton. Meeting is 6-7pm for networking time and 7pm starts the speaker portion of the meeting. Our meetings are always the 4th Tuesday of the month, although we may move locations in the future. We'd be glad to have you join us. Please shoot me a PM with you email address, and I'll make sure your on our mailing list. 

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Hi new to BP and investing.  Living on Eastern Long Island and I am looking for multifamily's in the Binghamton area to fix and hold.  I would greatly appreciate anyone who could give me any insight on the area and market.  Also are these meetings still taking place?  Thanks in Advance for any help.

They are still going on! Message Chris Stanis, he’ll put you on the email list. I’m a real estate agent here, so message me too! I’d love to help. 

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