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Amazing contractor I have to pay it forward to for all his and his teams work on my properties. JR. Restorations is the company I have used for years for my properties. Family owned, great pricing, great time management ,Travels to all counties, Always Gets the job done with my properties, Licensed contractor, legal and legit. Gets permits approved and ready quick. JR. Restorations Owner- Jimmy Kitay Office- 914-572- 0304 He also “Jimmy” does free estimates and works with you in pricing and works with you on your own estimates. Not greedy, or looking to wipe people dry, cuts no corners but he gets phenomenal deals on materials. Just paying it forward cause he’s done so much for me. Hope this helps anyone who needs a loyal and honest contractor. :)

It's nice to hear a glowing contractor referral. Thanks for sharing! Would you mind giving a little more detail on the type of work he's done for you and in which boroughs? Thanks!

Jason lee

Thank you Jason! also, In no way do I have a vested interest in this contractor, no relation, not a former friend of any kind, I didn’t meet him till he came for my first estimate about 2 years ago. I actually happen to find his business card one day in a buddy’s house who had work done also.

I have 2 properties in Howard Beach, Queens and 1 in the Bronx as well as Westchester County. He would even travel to Philly for me sometimes if I had an emergency with a rental.

The work he has done for me ranged from painting entire interior and exterior of home (his father owns a painting company), venetian plaster, skim coating, taping, installing appliances, etc.

Basically, 2 of my properties were TOTAL GUT JOBS!! Jimmy did everything from start to finish besides for the landscaping, but he has workers who can do that also. But I also do my own landscaping.

Please feel free to refer him. He travels to all boroughs and has a great team of guys working with him.

Stand up guy and deserved a good shout out for anyone who needs an estimate or great contractor.

@Angie Williams

That's great and I'm happy you found him.  Finding a good contractor isn't an easy task.

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