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Hey guys,
I'm looking for a good REIA in Raleigh North Carolina. I have found two, but anything that says I have to pay to be a member and they offer overly priced courses makes me a bit wary. Is there any good recommendations for Raleigh? I have found TREIA and Raleigh REIA. Are these good or are there betters? Thanks!

I'm new to the investment circle, but from my understanding the TREIA group is a good place to start. I believe you can attend individual meetings for a $15 fee. There are several different sub group meetings with the main meeting occuring every 3rd Tuesday of the month. I have yet to attend a meeting so I am unable to give voice to the quality, but the networking alone would be worth the fee.

TREIA main meeting usually have well know speakers that do educate and sell at the same time. It's the subgroup meetings that are very valuable. They hold a lot of subgroup meetings, where local people will speak about topics of interest to investors. 

I'm a member and find value in attending the meetings and networking. Even if you don't want to sign up, I do recommend attending a subgroup meeting by you. And check it out.

Newbie in Durham- Hey Colton, I myself am leaning towards TREIA. In terms of membership I prefer to go with their quarterly sign up until I can determine if it's worth it. Within TREIA there are groups and sub-groups with meetings that are generally free for members. I recommend you check out their website and devour it line by line like I did. also call or email and ask questions. they are pretty good about responding quickly. Hope this helps.

@Bryan H.

 is right on about TREIA. The sub groups are great. I like the North Raleigh one but I seriously have had a conflict 5 months in a row. If I could I'd go to all the sub groups. I would for sure if I was full time. 

The main meeting is not as great in my opinion. I swear when I first joined it was no pitching, and now every time there is a guru up there. I leave as soon as the presentation starts now. 

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