Any neighborhoods to avoid in Durham?

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I'm looking into flipping lower end homes ($120k ARV ballpark) in Durham. I keep hearing that Durham is a tricky place to invest in. Are there any areas of Durham you would avoid and why?


"Lower end" homes are not usually in great neighborhoods but things are changing a lot in Durham (and Raleigh) too.  Areas that have been rough are getting fixed up.  I work a lot in Durham and really like it.  The bottom line: do your research. Good luck!

@Jill Rossi -- you should look near the Durham Bulls ballpark instead of the ARV ballpark. (Very bad joke--Art Allen is probably wincing). Durham is a tricky place to invest. So are most places that have a lot of transition neighborhoods and streets. If you ride down the street and don't feel safe, don't invest there. If you feel safe, then run numbers and study the recent activity.

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haha, took me a second to get that one ;)  thanks for the advice.  I need to get out and drive for dollars it sounds like.  I'm always appreciative of input.  Thanks for taking the time.