Does anyone know of investors doing business in Fayetteville NC?

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I am trying to connect with investors in Fayetteville NC, and other investors in NC. I tried the meet-up group, but I hear that it fell apart. I am thinking about starting my own group, but need to know who to invite. 

Hi Zane -

I am an active investor in Fayetteville, NC.  I buy single family homes, rehab and then sell for retail.  I currently have 5 properties that I am working on now, but I am always looking to buy more.  

Lots of investors in Fayetteville. Some buy and hold, TONS of flippers. 

I've been to plenty of meetups around here, it seems it's always full of new people that haven't done any deals or just want to wholesale. I've been much more productive to find investors who have actually done something and spend time with them instead. just my opinion. 

@Zane McLaughlin I'm interested, if you're able to put a group together.  It would be great to meet a bunch of like-minded folks investing in Fayetteville.


I’m currently looking for investors in the Fayetteville NC area plz reply ASAP

currently doing the BRRR strategy on my first SFR in FAYETTEVILLE long distance investor from NYC looking for a flip next

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I live in Wilmington and I’m trying to get into Fayetteville now. I’m down for a meet up.

Hello BP NC (or interested in)members..I'm an active investor and licensed Real Estate Agent in Fayetteville. PM and let's chat about your goals and how I can help.

I am in Moore County, Justin up the road. I am also interested in Fayetteville. Following. 

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