Does anyone know of investors doing business in Fayetteville NC?

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We actually have a Fayetteville based REI group called Pints & Properties. This is hosted by @Shelby Osborne on the second Saturday of every month. If you want to connect with both new and experienced local investors, this is the place to be. We have New Investors, Experienced Investors, Wholesalers, Agents, Property Managers, GCs, and Highly Qualified speakers.

Let me know if you ever want to check it out!

Originally posted by @Andrew K. :

@Jeff Janaro, I hate to revive an older thread but did you close on the 28-unit?  If so, any lessons learned you want to share about the experience?

Have a prosperous 2019!


HI @Andrew K. , unfortunately my partner and I eventually walked away from the deal. Condition of the property warranted a concession from the seller, and the number he was willing to go to didn't make much sense from a cash on cash perspective. I'm sure it will be a great deal for someone else. 

Hi @Zane McLaughlin . If you haven't listened to Podcast 301 and are able to go back and listen to this one, I highly recommend. Active investor @Alexander Felice has some great inputs on investing in Fayetteville NC that worked for him even while out of state. Should give some further insight and motivation!

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@Zane McLaughlin I'm interested to hear how your investments have gone so far? I have a lot of investor friends who would love to chat with you if you are still looking!

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