Charlotte Team Building

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Hi Everyone,

I recently moved to Charlotte (three days ago) to begin my career after graduating from undergrad. I was an agent in Ohio and worked with investors throughout college. Now that I am making real money, I am able to seriously get into my real passion of RE.

Looking to build my network in this new city. The area seems very exciting and moving fast, so I expect there should be a good deal of activity around the city. I just wanted to introduce myself to the Charlotte investing community and make some connections. See you all July 3rd for the meet up!


nice to meet you Ian!!  Welcome to our beautiful state!  Give Kevin Stringari a call over at Bottom Line Realty and I’m sure he will expedite your move into Charlotte real estate!  

Yo @Ian Kurela congrats on getting college out of the way and moving on to better things! I'm just recently spending more time in the Land this summer so it's a bummer I didn't catch ya before heading off, but let me know if you're back in town so we can have a proper catch-up again. I hope business goes well in NC!

All ya'll Charlotte folks give Ian a call. He's a hustler and is the type of guy that'll make it happen for you :)