Flat Fee MLS Broker for North Carolina?

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Hi guys! I'm looking for a flat rate mls broker for my property in Caldwell County NC. I've never used this type of service so I'm looking for a recommendation. 

I understand that I need to find a broker with access to my local MLS database (or idx or whatever it's called).

Who can point me in the right direction? A google result yields a ton of results and I'm not sure if any of them will post to my local mls. 


Hey Judith, can you elaborate on what you mean by flat rate broker and why they’re your preference?

It's a real estate broker or real estate firm who is willing post a listing for a flat fee, no other services included. It gets my listing exposure on the MLS without the traditional contract with a listing agent. I'm looking for a local agent who offers flat rate MLS listings because that's the level of service I need.

I done a little research myself and I hope this helps. Help-U-Sell® Real Estate differs from traditional brokers, not in the scope of services provided, but in the dollar amount that you pay for those services. Our brokers charge a set fee for their services, as opposed to the traditional 6 percent commission, which, in turn, helps you to retain a greater amount of equity while still receiving all the real estate services you expect.

We will provide you with a Competitive Market Analysis that will provide you with information regarding the price range of similar home sales in your area as well as with information on current sale conditions so you can choose a price you feel is appropriate for your home.

Sellers appreciate the fact that our Brokers spend their time marketing properties instead of marketing themselves and recruiting agents. Our Buyers appreciate the fact that we are experts in their neighborhood and that our website contains all of the local MLS listings, and, in many cases, more. Our unique marketing strategies drive a steady stream of traffic to our website and offices, which results in many buyers for our listings and many new listings. Additionally, our streamlined operations and cost efficiencies translate into low overhead and savings that we pass along to consumers with our low set fee. They have offices in North Carolina. To set the record straight I don't represent them . I hope this helps.

Try Carolina Realty Solutions Clay Eaton Broker-in-Charge, Triangle Market

$350 for listing only on Triangle MLS. 

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