Looking to invest in the Triangle Area! Recommendations welcome!

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Hi BP!!

I'm a new investor looking to invest in the triangle area and would like to connect with great agents, attorneys, and tax pros!  Who's the best?  Also, do you think its necessary to find an attorney/tax pro at this stage? I'm looking to buy my first property this year.

Hey Chinyere,

Welcome to real estate investing! If I could go back to where you are at now I would find a great mentor first! They will help you compress time and avoid those dumb mistakes we've all made. There should be an apartment association in your area and also REIA's that hold frequent meetings. Go network and take your time interviewing prospective mentors. And only invest with those you know, like and trust. All the best! Jason E.

Hey @Jason E. Smith !! Thanks for the reply!! That is so true! I should definitely get a mentor first and I would love to do so. I have been looking but ...and I should've probably mentioned it in my post...I am actually living in Japan at the moment and while I would love to go to the REIA meetings and such, I can't. :( I usually come home to the states once a year but that wont be until around Christmas time. I feel though if I wait that long I will never actually get around to taking action and buying my first property.

Chinyere, I know plenty of people who live overseas and buy property here in the US! I would still begin looking for REIA's and apartment associations in the areas you're interested in. You can still join, contact people and companies and network even from abroad. And begin listening to podcasts to gain education. There's so many things to do in REI so think about what appeals to you whether it's rentals, wholesaling, flipping, etc. Then find someone who's successful in that trait and ask them if you can help them in return for mentoring. If property investing is meant for you nothing will stand in your way of taking action, not time, not distance.

Ohh do you really?! I have been trying to find people who are investing even though they are living abroad! Are they on Bigger Pockets? Would you be able to introduce me to someone?

Yeah I've been reading books, listening to podcasts, and watching youtube videos for the past few months now. I'm leaning towards doing rentals for now but would love to get some money from wholesaling to buy more properties. I hesitate to do flipping though without a strong team in place and while living abroad. 

Ok, I'll definitely look into REIA and apartment associations and try to connect with people there!