Looking for a Good Property Manager in Greensboro, NC

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Hey Chinyere,

How many SFH's to be managed? I have a couple depending on the answer. Shoot me a message so we can connect. Good luck.


Chinyere, I would google Greensboro property management and pick a few with a 4 star or greater rating and at least a dozen reviews. Call each of them and pick the one you like the most. You can ask them a series of questions but my experience of interviewing property managers is they will give you the politically correct answer during interviews. You'll find out how they really operate once they begin managing the property. Since Google is open to the public for review, it's proven to be very accurate of my overall experience with management companies. The AMO (accredited management organization) designation has only proven to me that the company has a lot of paperwork and doesn't reflect anything on customer service, so I wouldn't give any credit to AMO designation. And I would not use The Home river group, I've personally rented from them and they are horrible. Have fun!