New to the Cincinnati Ohio area. What areas are good for rentals?

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Hey I'm new to the Cincinnati area and I have no knowledge of the area yet. I have only been here for four weeks. I currently live in the Loveland, OH area. I have 3 rentals in Wisconsin. Two of them are duplexes and one is a single family. I am wondering what are good areas near me to look at for rentals? I'm not looking to buy in war zone areas. If I end up collecting rent, it should be safe enough of an area that I could go at any time of the day with no worries. I'm also looking for wholesalers and hard money lenders in the area. Thanks in advance for the help!

@Ryan Behnke you should come to the monthly networking meetup put on by @Joe Fairless and

@Grant Rothenburger and meet a bunch of us local investors. You should get at least a few opinions about neighborhoods before coming to your own conclusions, Cincinnati can be tricky because a lot of neighborhoods turn quickly between bad and good.

Hope to meet you soon!

Thanks for the info @Slocomb Reed ! I will have to check out one soon! I just went on a bought one of @Joe FairLess books. 

I have asked a couple handfuls of investors what areas they invest in and they have all told me different areas. I have just been looking at each area every time someone gives me an area code. 

Thanks again!

Get yourself a map.... and drive around lol. There are other neighborhoods that might be meet your criteria... but when I think of areas that are going to be "easy" tenants, I think of the neighborhoods referenced below:

Pleasant Ridge

Norwood(very street to street)

Columbia Tusculum

Walnut Hills(very street to street)

Northside(up and coming, lots of opportunity--flippers making $$ here)

OTR... but you'll be buying on the fringes and waiting a few years before gentrification takes hold in the areas of OTR that are affordable and the #'s make sense for rentals

Newport, KY(above 10th street)

Covington, KY(above MLK)

Bellevue, KY

@Ryan Behnke one of the best aspects of the Cincy market is that we have some of everything. Every class of neighborhood, and almost every neighborhood has every property type. Definitely a great market for getting a breadth of REI experience.