Investor Friendly Title Company

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Hello!  Looking for suggestion on an investor friendly Title Company in the Dayton, OH area as well as a real estate attorney.  And assistance is greatly appreciated! 

@Kena B. Connecting with investor friendly title companies is a great idea. I would recommend attending your local real estate socials to meet the teams you are looking for. This can lead to discounts and extra perks as they will witness your commitment in building relationships within the real estate community. 


I had a good experience with M & M Title Co. They were flexible and willing to work with me even though my geographic location offered some significant challenges.


World Class Title has a specific Investor Division that caters directly to Investor clients. We also have a Real Estate Attorney we work closely with we could reccomend. We have special rates for our Investor clients and understand your unique needs. We are located in Westerville, OH but can do remote closings and electronic documents to facilitate Closings in Dayton. Let me know if you have any questions!

Performance Title in Kettering, and National Title in Centerville are both investor friendly, and also have a clue. I believe one of the owners of Performance is also an attorney.

I've dealt with M&M a lot, as have a couple of my agents (acting as agent or principal), and also my husband on the lending side - literally every transaction has resulted in frustration due to varying levels  of incompetence demonstrated by their staff.

As far as real estate attorneys go, it really depends on what you need. I have a short list, but each one of them excels at their own respective niche(s).

Thank you so much Christina! Your insight is invaluable. Relative to attorney niches, I'm looking for someone whom can review contracts/agreements from a landlord or STR perspective. Can you provide further insight on what some of the common niches are on your short list?

@Bob Prisco , no. I prefer a more balanced approach by assessing the resources in the area before I commit to the market. This includes gaining an idea of possible Title Companies, reputable attorneys, and potential buyers. You? 

@Kena B. my suggestion find a deal (s) everything else will take care of itself.  Title co thats easy, " Find a deal, the money will find you "  Also why do you need an attorney its OH ?   I do not know anyone that uses one, well I do all my business in the Cleveland markets.  Good luck ,  BTW, when you have a deal and are ready, feel free to reach out. I have used the same title co for about 10 years, more then 450 transactions,  there all the same, 

@Bob Prisco that’s the insight I needed. I’m new to this market and am actively reaching to and engaging those operating in the area. Most appear to be in Cleveland and Columbus. I get finding the deals and the money will come. Thanks! 

Will do! I’ll surely ping you. 

We used Vantage Title in Vandalia for ours two properties there. We are also out of state investors...or more like out of country. No complaints here, but if Performance Title is the way to go we'll definitely check it out with the next one.

Agree with the others though, find a deal and the rest won't be an issue. When we got ours under contract our realtor gave us his recommendations and he's done that for a few things, not just title company. He's the one with experience closing deals all the time, so we took his recommendation. Didn't have any hang-ups with it.

Similarly, one of the houses needed an electrical panel replaced (we found out with the inspection) and once we said we wanted the cost covered by the sellers, he sent his electrician in to get a quote, and wrote it in the contract. The sellers accepted and now the electrician is going out closing day and he'll have a check in hand to do the work. We're out of country, about as "long distance" as it gets, and he set it up so the electrician can get in right after close despite us not being there.

Like David Green (and many others) have said, it's all about your core team.

Yes, I have a house under contract, which is why I’m inquiring about the title company. The seller (out of state) is actually referring their title company, the one I mentioned above. It’s not one I’ve heard mentioned before. 

Originally posted by @Kena B. :

Yes, I have a house under contract, which is why I’m inquiring about the title company. The seller (out of state) is actually referring their title company, the one I mentioned above. It’s not one I’ve heard mentioned before. 

It's something you can shop for so why not shop around if you'd like? A few good ones have been recommended in this thread, wouldn't hurt to give them a call.

Good luck to you!