Investing in Columbus Ohio

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Hi BP!

There are more and more articles about the strong population growth in Columbus Ohio and I'm curious who on here invests there or has opinions to share.

Is it a good market to invest in for small multifamily and what monthly cash flow/COC returns do investors see there?



Hey Marty - Welcome to CBUS. I'd be happy to chat about my experience if you'd like to direct message me. Happy Investing!


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@Martin Krimmel I’m no expert but I’d be happy to connect and tell you about my experience thus far. Feel free to shoot me a PM.

Also in Columbus, im no expert but i have a few rentals here in town. If i can be of help please feel free to message me.

Thank You all for replying. I've reached out individually. I am looking for an experienced investor friendly agent and a great property management that could help me find deals in Columbus. Any contact here is appreciated!

Thank you!

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