Investing in Columbus Ohio

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Hi BP!

There are more and more articles about the strong population growth in Columbus Ohio and I'm curious who on here invests there or has opinions to share.

Is it a good market to invest in for small multifamily and what monthly cash flow/COC returns do investors see there?



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Thank You all for replying. I've reached out individually. I am looking for an experienced investor friendly agent and a great property management that could help me find deals in Columbus. Any contact here is appreciated!

Thank you!

@Martin Krimmel Good luck! It is a great market if you are willing to put some work into it. I believe it is a harder market to enter due to its popularity. Cleveland and Cincinnati have a lot more readily available "deals", but I believe REI in Columbus will pay better dividends in the long term.

@Matt P. Yeah you're right about that and frankly it's kind of annoying. If you want to invest in Columbus, go ahead. But nobody is going to roll out the red carpet for you, and if they do, they are selling you something. We're literally in the midst of a red-hot market the likes of which nobody I know has ever seen, yet people are wanting to buy? Buy high sell low, I guess.

@Peter Lohmann where would you suggest investors go? Most of the investors that I end working with are bullish on the Columbus market and have a buy and hold strategy like myself. I think if I purchase solid multifamily assets that I can rent up easily I will be fine. When I am ready to retire in 5-15 years.

If your timetable is 10+ years, the purchase price is almost irrelevant as long as the income can support the debt + expenses of the property (and that's a BIG if). 

But many (most?) investors tend to churn properties in search of "deals", and if you're looking to cash out in less than 5 years, I would not suggest buying in Columbus right now. But I'm certainly not a trained economist or anything so I wouldn't necessarily take my advice if I were you!

@Peter Lohmann I agree with you that investors love to churn properties. It is amusing to look up 4+ units in Linden/Hilltop/Whitehall and see how many times they have been sold in the last 5 years

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