Wanted top flight OKC broker referral

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I have some projects in OKC that I want some help on..  5 or six homes ready to go and be listed.. and 4 or 5 to be finished up.

need top flight representation.. this could lead to long term relationship.

referrals welcome please

@Jay Hinrichs I've been actively looking to invest in OKC. I have sent you a message but just in case you prefer here, can you share some info on the houses you are about to list? 

Btw you have been doing in CA and OR, why Oklahoma now?

@Jay Hinrichs

I am a local investor and would love the opportunity to exchange my time for your knowledge. If you need anyone to do "make ready" cleanings or just be your boots on the ground I would be happy to help. As mentioned, Rhett seems to be the go to guy for many long cal investors.