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Hello BP! I am near Portland OR and new to Real Estate. I am wanting to possibly create / join a meetup group around mid December - end of January and learn anything I can about real estate. I am interested in investing opportunities, shadowing the buying / due diligence process and want to take any opportunity I can to learn about this business. If anyone else is interested in creating a group near or outside of Portland that would be awesome. Also, if anyone is currently in the buying process and wouldn't mind meeting / entertaining a shadowing opportunity  to help me get some first hand experience that would be amazing as well. Thanks everyone that reads my post!

You might want to check out

I second the Rarebird meeting, I'm a member.  Why wait, NWRea and Rarebird meet the first week of the month. Look for me at the meetings!

Thank you both for the feedback.  I will defiantly look into rarebird

@Daniel S McNabb I just went to the website and it sounds very informative. Are there a few things in particular that you think make the meetup beneficial? 

@Marianne C. thank you for posting the website. I would’ve never known about it. 

@Zac Lindquist thank you for posting the original post.

Eric, besides the great topics they cover and what you learn the networking is great. Someone I met there has become my friend and Mentor and because of him, my knowledge has grown by leaps and bounds this year!

This is great info. I haven’t heard of the Rarebird meetings, looking interesting. Looks like next months meeting in December is a members only holiday party.

I’ll be on the lookout for you Daniel!

@Zac Lindquist   you get what you pay for... not sure if the NW rei's are totally free sometimes its like 15 bucks at the door. not sure.

Rarebird is worth the annual fee.. from my personal perspective.. I am not a member but I have been an invited guest speaker on a few occasions and know the owners of the club..

good guys very very smart and in TUNE with THIS market... now to be fair I have never gone to a NW REIA meeting... although I have attened others through out the US>

and you have to be careful with those some times they are pitch fests..

BP members will have BP meetups.. but those are general just social go grab a beer and meet fellow BP members who post..

@Zac Lindquist

The first time you go they are free. Rarebird is $30 per month and NWRea is $15 per month. I agree with Jay, Rarebird is worth the money, they are serious about this business. NW REIA can have sales pitches from time to time but some of them are good. One of them was on Lease options, another on buying notes, informative but I don't buy in. They have the monthly meeting then they have satellite meetings like the one I like to go to is where we analyze deals.

They are all good networking opportunities. Rare birds and meet ups are great. Your local NWREI association is another source. I have not gone to a meeting yet but I get some ok leads and clients from being a member. Each has its role and pros and cons. It’s a numbers and networking game. As well as knowing your own value and what your looking for.

Hi Zac-

I’m in the Portland area and looking to learn more and network as well.

I’d be interested in forming a meet up!

Hi all,

I'm also in the Portland area and would be interested in meeting up. Has anyone set up any BP meetups in the Portland area?

FYI, Go talk to your REI CPA and attorney to see how the tax changes will effect your investing, current partnership agreements, future intended agreement and how you incorporate your company. Huge change is depreciation write-offs and partnership classification as active or passive. Possibly consider equity partnerships now rather then passive partnerships for a silent investor, and crest paper trail of engagement my investors.

We have started a small meetup in Astoria, OR. We are meeting about once a month. Let me know if you’d ever come this way

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