Paging all Philadelphia area members

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Hi there! Are you a BP member from the Philadelphia area and interested in networking with fellow RE pros? I mean actual networking in person, if you could believe that! 

I know that my partner and I have gotten a lot of useful direction from you all and would not be growing the way we are without the knowledge sharing, so we'd really like get together with like-minded folks and see how we can pool experience and expertise.

I'd be happy to coordinate the time and place, so let me know if this is something that would interest you.



I am from Lancaster, just down the road.

I love that you are making a push to do belly to belly networking, in this digital age it SADLY becoming a dying art... that just means its ALL THE MORE powerful to those of us that are good at it. GOOD FOR YOU keep up the good work!

great to hear all of the interest! I'm thinking a Friday or Saturday night downtown. I'm heading out of the country for two weeks mid April, so will plan accordingly. Getting some good weather would be ideal too. I'll post some ideas to this thread in the next few days. Thanks 

I'd be interested in joining! Can we set it up before April? Thank you for getting something started.

We have a strong team with many new construction projects underway in North Philly. We'd definitely be happy to share what we've learned in the process and engage with a few highly motivated individuals who would be interested in helping us with acquisitions. 

@Sergio A. I vote for first or last weekend of April! Will be out of town next weekend and really want to be there. Thanks for the great idea and let me know if you want help coordinating!

It looks like we'll have a nice group to get together. My in-laws will be in town for Easter (from CA) so I'd like to make the date when they will be in town and before I head to Europe. They have over 30 years experience in investing and love networking.

I'd like to propose Thursday, April 2nd or Saturday the 4th @ starting at 5 or 6 PM (Saturday is the night before Easter, but we can make it work if it's the best night). Friday wont work for us. I can make a few calls to reserve some space in a place that is conducive to such a gathering.

Please let me know if you have preference and we'll nail it down to the consensus. 

Thanks, looking forward to meeting everyone.


I am going to explore some good options over the next few days and will post a redirect to the events forum here. 

@Sergio A.

You haven't forgotten about us, have you?!! 

I am looking forward to this Philadelphia BP meeting and hoping it comes together. Any progress on a venue? Please let me know if you would like a hand setting it up. Thanks for the initiative!