Website creating for wholesaling

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What are you guys doing for a website. Are you creating yours from scratch or using a host website?

I own a web development company so I create my own. 

I used wordpress to make my own.  It isnt hard.  

 Wordpress.....find a host that provides it. Register your domain, spend some time figuring it out

It wont be award winning but it will work

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I use godaddy and paid $100 a year. Check it out

Fir wholesale I use oncarrot the a wholesale base site

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LeadPropeller has been awesome for us. Their templates are solid and with a little customization they look super professional and convert. We out perform national brands and carrot websites in our market. Their support team is VERY responsive and will help you customize your site. If something goes wrong, you don't have to hire a developer to fix it. Definitely check them out, I looked at tons of options before making a decision, the owner is an actual flipper, I think doing around 100 flips/year and most of his leads are from his website so he clearly knows what he's doing, that is what made me go with them over others. Hope that helps

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