Pit Bulls in the house-what can I do

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Hi All.  I just learned that my tenant has 2 pit bulls in my rental home.  I have an eviction pending for unpaid rent,  which can take place as early as Tuesday if she doesn't file appeal, but I just learned from a neighbor that the tenant has 2 bit bulls that are tearing up his yard and all the other neighbors are afraid to even walk past the house .  Her lease allowed for 1 service dog.  Not sure how a pit bull fits into that description, but there it is.   Question is....how can I get the pit bulls out immediately, if I have to wait another 30 days to get tenants out per a possible appeal?

@Jeanni Prescan issue a notice to cure or quit based on the lease violation and tack on any fees for the violation as stipulated by the lease. It won’t accelerate the eviction timeline but it might deter an appeal and it will strengthen your case. Get photos of the dogs on the property and written testimony from neighbors if possible too.

@Jeanni Prescan

Short answer, you can't get them out immediately.  What can be done:  contact your local animal control.  Dangerous dogs on premises.  If the dogs are not licensed or properly vaccinated, the owner is subject to fines.  Have the neighbors complain to the police.  In other words, turn up the heat.  

You can also ammend your filing for eviction, and make sure the Constable or local Sherriff's department are aware there are 2 pits on premises.

If the tenant files an appeal, PA law states they must post the judgment amount with the Prothonatary.  No money = no appeal.

I don't believe you'll get them out as fast. But make sure you have all of your paperwork correct for eviction. On top of filing another eviction for breaking lease, if there lease is up serve a notice to not renew lease and vacate. If they'll allow you to file another eviction for breaking lease I would, just in case they come up with the money to stay.

@Jeanni Prescan

You can check with your local code enforcement, to see if they are breaking any codes. Some cities/counties require dogs to be kept in certain types of fencing or kennels, especially certain breeds.

You could add an addendum to your existing lease, or change your current lease to include the amount of a pet deposit, if you will allow animals at all, or what types of animals you will allow depending on the laws in your area (discuss this with your attorney).

Provide the code enforcement and animal control phone numbers for your neighbors that live near the home.

Many insurance companies will not insure rental properties with aggressive breed dogs, so it might be in your best interest to do everything you can legally, until they move or get rid of the dogs.

If the dogs are living inside the house, you might want to get your funds ready and have your contractors already lined up, especially if there is carpet in the home. I know exactly how you feel, and I've been there. Let me know how this goes for you.

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