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I was referred to this forum by members of the fastlane forums. I am an avid member there and several members spoke highly about some of the members on this forum. I am by no means a "drive by-er" I intend to reciprocate whatever knowledge and practical advise taken heed upon from here and return it to fellow aspiring real estate entrepreneurs. I want to thank you all for taking the initiative to contribute as there are many resourceful experts and personnel on here.

A little about me, I am a former firefighter and avid traveler that has worked various government contracts throughout the country. My love for travel and my experiences have enabled me to spend some time in various regions. Regions where there may be foreseeable opportunities in terms of real estate. Speaking of real estate, my main interests are commercial MF, (initial property no limits as long as the deal makes sense and the PNL, T12s and balance sheets all check out).

I hope to expand my network in order to increase my net worth and help others along the way.

Thank you all biggerpocketers  

Hi Avon,  I am located in Greenville and sent you a connection request.  I am looking at MF as well.  We should meet.


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