Looking for South Carolina RE attorney and selling agent

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Good morning!

I am looking for referrals for an experienced South Carolina RE attorney that is familiar with 'wholesaling' and 'subject to' transactions.

I am also looking for a Columbia, SC based selling agent that has experience working with investors.

Any feedback would be much appreciated!


Hey Jason,

I'm a selling agent in the Myrtle Beach SC area. I can refer you out to a Columbia based agent if you'd like. I can work Columbia and know the area it's just not my primary area of focus. But I could get you in touch with an agent in the area who has worked with investors. 

Also, if you're ever looking to invest in Horry or Georgetown County let me know, I work with a lot of investors in those areas.

Jonathan Edmund, Real Estate Agent

@Douglas Davies the heavy need right now is columbia and myrtle beach but will be getting into greenville soon.  That'd be great if you could send me his info.  Thank you!
@Russ Scheider this is very helpful.  i appreciate the referral!

@Jason Hill we use G.H. Bobotis and he does a great job at a fair price. We have done a lot of deals with him and everything has gone well. Bobotis Law Firm, LLC in Greenville. Not sure if I can put contact info in the post. PM me if you need his contact info.

We’ve used Rich Bolen on numerous occasions. I agree with Russ, very knowledgeable, professional, and is very good on time.

Hi Jason I am a realtor in the Columbia, with experience working with investors. I'd love to chat with you about the Columbia market!

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