Seeking Realtors/Investors South Carolina (Anderson/Charleston)

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I'm possibly relocating to South Carolina. What is the market like here? I'd be seeking the following:

  • 2-4 Units to live in with 3.5% down (A-B Class Area)
  • Property with option to AirBnB a space (separate from home)
  • Good property management/leasing agents

What are good areas of Anderson, Greenville, Clemson, Charleston?

About Me-

Been investing for 3 years. 3 SFH's, 1 duplex (househack).

Greenville, SC is a fantastic market.  Tough to find "great" deals because the market is doing so well, but they are definitely out there if you dig and learn the areas.   We are not a fan of Anderson and don't know the Clemson or Charleston markets.  We are focused in the Greenville area and love it.  Always looking for more deals - we do a lot of flips and still buying as many rentals as possible.  Call or email any time if you want more info.  Best of luck to you!!

@Account Closed

Why not Anderson? Just curious.

What can you tell me about Greenville? I'd be interested in knowing the good neighborhoods to live in and ones to avoid. Are 2-4 units an option in this city (A-B Class neighborhoods only).

2-4 units are tough to find in this market just because they weren't The Greenville MLS only shows 6 active right now, and they are not terribly attractive.

Quads are very tough to find in Greenville. Before moving to Greenville, quads were my jam. I've been here four years and haven't found one that I like. You may have better luck in Clemson or Spartanburg.

Seems like a rental property (house hack) won't work for me. I'm not interested in a separate rental home. Does anyone AirBnB in Clemson or Greenville?

Hey @William S. I'll chime in from the Charleston side. I certainly don't know too much about the Greenville or Anderson markets, but I'd venture to guess that we're a little more pricey here in Charleston. This is a pretty hot sellers market right now. The North Charleston area offers a great proximity to booming industries (Bosch, Boeing, Volvo). House hacking can work here. Let me know if you have specific questions about the area. 

The information that has been shared about Greenville is true. If you are looking at Anderson, I would suggest there. Clemson is a very hot market because of the university and the future developments they have planned for the city. My recommendation would be a 4-plex in Anderson!! I hope that helps and best of luck!

@William S. Anderson SC is my territory. There is an 4 unit apartment for sale. Here are some quick details. Let me know if you're interested in more info on the unit or the Anderson SC market. 

$389,000. Total current rents $2140. Potential rents $3140 (auto detail shop can rent for $1,000 a month)