In search for a attorney in the upstate SC area

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A group of 4 investors are looking for a attorney that can structure a LLC for a property we currently have under contract. We are located in the Spartanburg sc area

@David Hanor no we don’t have it set up yet ,it’s 4 of us and we wanted to make sure everything was correct & structure right before we tried to do it on our own , thanks I’m going to contact your guy to see if he can help 

@Robert Collins I use Gary Compton in Spartanburg for real estate and any questions with setting up entities. David White in Spartanburg also has done dozens of closings for me as well as setting up an LLC. I use Gary Compton by default but either of them are very competent and affordable.

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@Toby Chandler @David Hanor would you guys happen to know a lender that  I could contact about financing a 5 unit ? Commercial property that I have under contract 

I’ve worked with Curtis Rush at Synovus Bank and Colby Ebert at Iberia. Both are in Greenville but can obviously help. I can email you contact info 

@Robert Collins I haven’t used any in many years so I’m not sure. I used Jennifer Cash @ NBSC. I also used to do some with Arthur state bank but I know my contacts aren’t there anymore. Regardless of the contact, I know these two somewhat local banks will consider your deal and CAN do it. Let me know who does the deal bc I will be looking for traditional lenders again before long.