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Any Realtors had people search for tiny homes and not the mobile one. Permanent structures. I'm wanting to build one and maybe eventually building a tiny home subdivision/community. Was wondering if Nashville or the surrounding areas have caught on to the crazy?


You bring one of those into Nashville Tennessee and they will think you are CRAZY.

The answer is NO , i have not seen any tiny homes that could afford the tiny land you will get in Nashville Tennessee. Nashville is growing to be the next Atlanta, if you can find a parcel that made sense for a tiny home community, then you would be lucky due to codes in the city.

Hey @Nathan Biehl ,

I think Vernon is being a little dramatic.... I dont think people would think you were crazy at all...

Thats IN right now... and I personally have 3 close friends that are building or have already built tiny house's, so there is a market for Tiny Houses especially within millennials.  

I do agree that it will be interesting to see what codes say and getting all that squared away. I'm sure it will be a tedious process. May be best to buy land outside of Nashville as well... because its cheaper, unless the numbers worked.

What do the numbers look like on a tiny house? How much cost to build? What do they sell for? How long does it take to build? I'm just curious.

Build them and I'll sell them for you! Let me know if I can help with anything.

If you are in Davidson County, you either have to build them on land that is zoned for mobile home use (and they would need to be mobile - not permanent foundations), or you'd have to build them as an accessory dwellings to an already existing structure (i.e., on land with a dwelling already that is zoned for multiple dwellings).

I talked to codes about this because I wanted to build one on my lot (.25 acre with a SFR on it) but the zoning is RS10. They wouldn't allow me to build out an actual second dwelling. Parking a mobile tiny home on my lot also would violate codes if someone lives in it (had a friend get one shut down for this).

the tl;dr is they are cool -  I'd love to see more of them if they are done right, but you'll be fighting a zoning and land use system that hasn't caught up. As far as the city is concerned, they are just smaller houses that should follow the same rules as a normal house.

@Nathan Biehl

I think tiny homes would do extremely well in Nashville. The young kids would eat those up fast and it would be an affordable living option. 

The only issue is codes knows better than anyone else on the planet and you will have a tough time making it happen. 

They consider it either a camp ground or a mobile home. 

I'd love to see it happen

Sounds like Vernon might know what he’s talking about since he is a Developer in Tennessee. 

Once again as I stated Nathan , nothing against your idea , but Nashville Codes will eat you alive in paperwork. Also the entire Tiny House industry is getting RE Coded by the IBC. 

Once that happens, the so call crazy rush you implied will fizzle out and be more expensive to comply than a site built structure. 

I'm talking about a permanent structure. Not one on a trailer (on wheels). Everybody talking about the mobile ones (trailers) should have read the whole post. It will be on about 1/4 acre It on the large end of what's considered "Tiny" with about 600sq ft. I plan on selling it for about $100k depending on the the finishes. There's a house that's 950 sq ft and it's valued at $150k.

Here is a link to the IRC - IBC Building Codes, https://www.iccsafe.org/codes-tech-support/codes/2... we do Modular and SIP Panel Production and these are built and placed on stem walls as the foundation.  If they are manufactured in a factory then you have to go through the State Manufactured Housing Division if the State has one or if you are working with a manufacture that builds these then all you need is to work with a General Contractor for the foundation and the hook ups that would need to be required.

Tiny Homes are in the smaller range of Modular more on the apartment size homes, other modular homes range from 1200 sq. ft to 5,000 sq. ft or more.  It is best working with a modular factory that builds using SIP Panels as they are more energy efficient and lighter weight with a much stronger quality, the SIP Panels can be worked with using OSB or Phenolic Skins.  SIP Panels are Structural Insulated Panels using Foam as the Insulation sandwiched between the exterior and interior walls.  For electrical and plumbing along with communications the factory will bore holes in the foam for the electrical, phone, network cables and plumbing.

Google .... SIP Panels and Modular Homes and you can find some interesting information on the subjects.  It is good education.

Unless there is a minimum square footage requirement in the local codes what you are considering may be possible to build to standard codes. The problem is that due to the size many aspects of building codes can not be achieved...as example interior stairs for a loft sleeping area.

To meet codes you may be looking at a conventional small home as opposed to a "tiny home".

..all this is 2 years ago, I am in Smyrna, TN looking to invest. Love to chat with some folks in the area, exchange ideas, pool resources, whatever. Also have a friend that built 6-7 figure homes in the area for 20 years, and my son that did logistics in usmc who would be onboard to build/plan, etc. Lets talk!