I'm looking for a general contractor in houston tx

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I just purchased serveral lots and want to build 3/2/2 starter home in houstons revitalizations zone. 

Can anyone refer me to a good GC with a proven track record that can bid my project. I already have my plans and surveys are pending and should be completed this week.

@Daniel Okorie  , it seems that good general contractors are a rare commodity in Houston and everywhere else!  I think if anyone finds one, they must want to keep him to themselves. Since you didn't get responses, I would consider googling general contractor Houston to get some names.  After you have the names, you could check Better Business Bureau, Angie's List, Yelp, etc.

One of the podcasts I just listened to suggested that when you are checking someone out, you should google their name and the word "fraud".  You could try other words like "cheated", "crook", etc.  On a more positive note, you could use the word "reviews".  Good luck!

@Leigh Ann Smith thanks for the feedback and tip. It took me almost 3 months to put together a good crew of gc's and sub's contractors. The biggest pain is making sure they are insured and bonded. Prior to doing new construction I've made mistakes with hiring someone without insurance and or bond. Will never do that again.

Hi David, I am also looking to build in the Houston area and wanted to know since you have been in my position if you would mind sharing your list of recommended contractors. Thanks in advance!

Hi Guys,

As a fellow investor, I recently completed 2 renovation projects in Houston and went through the pains of screening several contractors. Some bids were crazy high while and I decided to go with one that was very low. I learned why it was so low and paid for it. Luckily I gave him a small job (guest bath) before giving him the rest.

I ended up going with a family recommendation and couldn't be happier. It was completed on time and on budget.

Please PM me for recommendations and I'll send you photos of some of the work we did together.


Adrian Lopez


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