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Hi. I just passed the real estate salesperson exam this morning and I'm looking for a sponsoring broker. I don't want to work as an agent, I just want to do my own investing. The idea is to get MLS access and be able to view potential properties on my own time without getting another agent involved.

Any tips?  Thanks for the advice.


There are several brokers in the Austin area who would probably be willing to do this. Come to Big Daddy's on Thursday and introduce yourself to the group in the back room. We're there from around 11:30 until about 1pm, eating lunch, introducing ourselves, having a quick discussion on some hot button topic, and then networking with the amazing conglomeration of people. I can think of at least two brokers who are there nearly every week. There may be others whom I didn't realize were brokers. I'm currently doing a JV with another guy who's often there, which makes three.

Come join us.  You're sure to meet a lot of interesting people.

This post has been removed.

This post has been removed.

Thanks for the tips.  I'll try to come to Big Daddy's on Thursday and introduce myself.

I may have what you are looking for. I sponsor agents that want to brand their own company and not the brokers. See the signature area below for more info and see if I offer what you are looking for.

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