Looking for investor friendly Realtor in Tampa

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Hi, I am looking for a Realtor in Tampa who works with investors.

I will appreciate some good references from active Tampa investors.


Your issue isn't finding a good realtor in Tampa who works with investors. You will have a hard time finding any realtor who wants to keep submitting 60% of asking price offers on MLS listed properties when the comps support the asking price, while still needing financing.

While properties in FL might be cheaper compared to California properties in general, sellers aren't just giving away properties here for 50-60% of what they are truly worth. Private sellers as well as banks are listing their properties for close to true value and are reluctant to take lowball offers. Especially with properties on the MLS, those are picked over pretty well and are really only good for finding end-user/retail properties.

Good luck finding someone willing to continue to submit lowball offers on MLS-listed properties, tough for anyone to justify their time when they don't receive any compensation until a deal closes.

Best of luck.

Hi Pavel

I would highly recommend @DougMerriot -- just do a search for him on BP if he doesn't chime in. He's an RE agent, but also an investor himself and he has great connections to off-MLS properties, too. And seeing that you're from CA you might appreciate the fact that he also does property management.

Thank you for the recommendations @Amy Davidson  and Account Closed  and I have attempted to assist Pavel. He has a lot of things going for him including a very well defined criteria. Unfortunately his criteria does not match up well with Pinellas County. I have suggested that he look in Pasco County and the Gibsonton/Apollo Beach areas to meet his criteria. If any agents are available to help him out please do reach out. I have seen his preapproval and he is ready to act now.

I have an investor friendly realtor who may be able to help you.  I am not sure if I can post his info here so PM me for his contact info.

@Doug Merriott,

What types of investment property would you recommend in the Gibsonton area? I have noticed quite a lot of urban sprawl from Tampa and a ton of new construction. Do you think the market in this area is saturated or do you see Oppurtunity here? I may be interested in something in south county in 2015

Hi @Kerry Hennessy  

I kind of wish I knew Gibsonton or was close enough to play there. Seems like there should be a ton of untapped potential there. I would think with all the new jobs they have down there that it would be a great buy and hold market. I have come across a few wholesale deals that look good on paper but don't know the market. 

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there are several new neighborhoods that have popped up over the years in the Gibsonton zip code. these are all HOA developments. I would suggest looking on the developments on symms road and big bend road. the dividing line is big bend road for gibsonton/apollo beach zip code. East of I275 is riverview/ruskin zip codes.

that area is really growing fast. there has been a great deal of residential and commercial development down there over the past 10 years. A new hospital is going up on big bend road and the new tampa bay boat fairy is going to shuttle military members from one side of the bay to the other. It will port just north of the power plant. 

If he wants Gibsonton/AB I live in Riverview and would love to help him.

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