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Hey BP,

I am a beginner buy and hold real estate investor in Houston. I have one property with the plan to acquire many over the next year. I am looking to partner up with a professional CPA that would be close to my age. I want a relationship that I can grow and build over the next 30 years as I build my real estate investment company. Do you know CPA's in their 20's or 30's that would be interested in something like this?


Not sure why you say you want to partner with a CPA.  CPAs are service providers you hire and pay them as you use their services.  Like an attorney.

For a CPA, your primary consideration should be someone who intimately understands the type of transactions you're doing.  Ideally someone who's defended their decisions in front of the IRS and won.

Not sure I follow the whole CPA qualification either.  I am a CPA, though non-practicing now, and invest in real estate in Houston.

Sorry if I was not clear on my initial statement. I am just seeking a CPA in Houston that is just starting out and is looking to develop long term relationships. Not necessarily someone to partner with me on investment deals. Most of the CPAs that are real estate focused in Houston seem to already be well established and have 100s of clients. I want someone that I can start and grow with throughout the next 30 years. 

Hi @Albert Okagbue I sure did. Going to work with him this year. If things ever change I will be sure to let you know. thanks for reaching out! 


Who did you end up going with?  I'm in the market for a CPA now.

@Ethan G. I went with someone I met a eepb. They are a firm in Houston. I just started working with them. So I don't have a lot of feedback. But our first meeting went really well. you should also check out @Albert Okagbue ! Hope this helps!

@Jonathan Bonck Have you been happy with and would recommend the CPA you met and have been working with the last 11 months?  If so, would you mind sending me their name and contact info?  Thank you in advance!

@Jonathan Bonck , are you still satisfied with your CPA? If so, would you mind sharing their contact information? Thank you in advance!

Can you please share your Houston real estate CPA with me please? I am currently searching for one and have not had much luck. Thanks

Originally posted by @Joseph Anderson :

Would you mind sharing the CPA info as well?

I can highly recommend @Daniel Hyman , CPA and his firm My Online Accountant, LLC

I know he and his partner are originally from Houston, and have several clients in Houston. They specialize in real estate. Best of luck!

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