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Hi BP,

I recently purchased my first rental property in College Station.  I have done a fully remodel project, and have tenants that moved in last week.  I want to know if there is a property management company, or individual that someone in the area recommends.  I am a finance guy so I am keeping my own books.  However, I live in Austin and it would be helpful to have someone deal with the day to day tenant calls/do minor repairs.  Is there someone that might do this?


Aaron Hafer

if it is a college rental I would use TM5. 


I would talk to TM5 or Worth Residential. I worked for Worth for two years, and highly recommend them especially from an owners stand point. Worth is a full service management company, so TM5 might offer more of an ala carte service like what you're looking for. I'm here in College Station full time, so if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message.


Thank you everyone so much for the input!  I just called TM5 and they said they only do leasing.  Any ideas if that really is the case?

Aaron, was just curious on how your search for a PM turned out? Want to acquire some property in CS...building up the contacts.

As a Realtor in College Station, I can safely say this is a GREAT rental town. With nearly 90,000 students (Blinn and A&M), rents are constantly rising and so are home values.

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