Who wants to network in San Antonio!

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Happy Sunday!  I am located here in San Antonio and wanted to see who wants to get together for some local networking!  My background in in Property Management and investment properties,wholesaling as well as commercial and rehabbing. If you are interested, let me know what you bring to the table - even if it is just a great attitude, in addition what you would like to network about or talk about. 

This is JUST to help each other, so NO NEGATIVITY will be allowed :)

Let's have fun and make money!

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Hi Arissa,

@Rick Pozos has a meet-up the second Wednesday of every month at Lubys on Fredericksburg Rd. Usually 10-25 of us are there, good opportunity to network and talk through deals or swap numbers of various venders. Feel free to join us, it is free (other than if you order dinner) and a good group of folks.
If you do want to organize a separate get together, I would try to make it. Always looking to connect with more folks.


The meeting starts at 7:00, but most folks roll in 6:00-6:30 grab dinner and network while eating ahead of the "meeting". Usually out the door 8:15 or so. I just found out I will be out of town for next weeks meeting, but you should check it out. @Rick Pozos has everyone introduce themselves and what they have or are looking for at the beginning of the meeting, so it does not take long to feel comfortable in the group.