looking for an active wholesaler in the houston area

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Hello BP Texas,

Following the advise of our BP podcast overlords, GO FIND DEALS & WORRY ABOUT THE REST LATER.

Ive built a monster of a lead generator, dont know what to do to close the deal.

looking for a partner who would take half of my deals and show me what to do.

 Need to work with a local - boots ont he ground - wholesaler. Im looking for someone experianced, will to share some documents and know how with me.

If this is the wrong forum for this post I applogize.

Thanks BP land,

@Michael B. I'm in acquisitions at the moment where I market to find deals, go to the appointment, put them under contract and send to title company and that's it. I have another person on the team that deals with marketing and networking with buyers and we definitely close deals, regardless of liens. Typically from the moment that we sign the contract with a 15 day option period, about 3-4 weeks I get the wire transfer/50% wholesale fee.

@Kevin Harberson @Jonathan Halverson Let's link up. I'd love to help out and grow together. We can all wholesale all day. I love it since my VA's help out a lot on the time consuming tasks.

Very scale-able when you're primarily focusing on acquisitions. Shoot me a message and we can get lunch sometime and talk business. I'm always interested in how other people are marketing here in the Houston area as well.