Building the Team - Fort Worth, TX

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Hello, our family has just moved back home to the Fort Worth area and we're looking to network with similar-minded folks in the Tarrant/Parker/Wise County side of the metroplex!  Our objective is to purchase at least 1 x 2-4 unit property in the next year and to pursue larger multi-family deals to follow.  I'm excited about what BiggerPockets has to offer and look forward to meeting y'all!!!


Jason Piper

You're definitely in the right place to start building. Take some time to peruse the forums and make some connections. You'll be happy you did. Set up some Key word notifications for your area, it'll jump start your networking. Good Luck!

@Jason Piper Welcome back to Cowtown. You will want to be very selective. Multifamily is very expensive all across North Texas but a little more affordable outside the Metroplex in Parker County. I don't know much about Wise County. I would consider sending out mailings to multifamily owners in the area. Also, network to find agents that specialize in multifamily in Parker county. I know there is a good REI group for West DFW that meets the first Saturday of every month and pulls a lot of people from Tarrant and Parker Counties.

Good luck on your search. Don't be discourage but do be patient to make sure you find a good cash flowing property. Don't be dependent on appreciation.

Thank y'all for your responses.  Looking forward to checking out a few meetups and getting know other like-minded investors in the area!

Jason Piper

@Jason Piper there are lots of investors in Fort Worth.  And lots of great meetings.  I've got 2 to suggest to you:

BEST REI Network - great friendly group that allows no sales in their meetings.  Super open and originated right here from Bigger Pockets

DFW REI Club - this is one of the rare clubs that meets every week.  Absolutely sign up on their email list because their topics are so great.  Super helpful group too.

There are plenty of others but those two I would strongly recommend.  Thanks!