Good RE lawyer around Houston?

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Can anyone recommend a good RE lawyer around Houston? I’m a newbie, needing some legal advice on many topics, just wanting someone who is familiar and can really help me out just starting out. 

Thank you in advance!

P.S. Any good questions/topics I should be discussing with a lawyer for my first time?

For general information about some of the legal aspects of real estate investing, you probably want to use clubs and groups.  For advice on specific sets of facts, seek attorney consultation.  Don't go to a lawyer for training on real estate.  If you have a strong base, you will understand the answers better.

Start with LLC formation, get a list of contracts you'll need, Purchase, Lease, Vendor, etc. Get your first deal under your belt and you'll be better prepared for your attorney.

Your broker and lender can help answer basic legal questions as well.