New York and D-FW will have the most new apartments in 2018

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Are there any good sources out there showing somewhat accurate population growth expectations for the upcoming years in the cities on this list? I’d be curious to make the correlation between units built and potential renters influx.

@Andrew Postell Very interesting. I am curious to see what that will do to rents. I know rents have not been increasing at the same rate as property appreciation over the past 5 years.

@Robin Dassy the absolute BEST data source that I have seen for ANY state out there is the Texas A&M Real Estate Institute.  This place is incredible.  There's lots of data on this sight and the employees will even speak around the state (Dr. Jim Gaines is really good to hear).  You can visit the site HERE

I would love to know if they are adding low rent apartments or high rent apartments. I know with new construction costs a lot of investment groups can't not make money with low rent apartments; so a lot of apartment buildings that are being built are luxury based. Also, great link @Andrew Postell