Point me! Know a great property manager in Dallas, Texas?

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Help me BP!

A friend and I are about to each close on our first buy and hold properties in Texas. Know of a Dallas area property manager that's outstanding?  Please refer me!

I have a guy in Fort Worth who is SOLID, but he's expensive and slow to help with rental comps and general email replies. He's a baller and has plenty of action, so it feels like he gets around to helping the little guys when he has time. Lol.

I'm looking for a PM who knows his stuff, but still has a lot of hustle and helpfulness for a guy like me. I'm likely to bring in many accounts over the years with other clients, friends and family, so if you know a guy that sounds right for me, please let me know.

Side note: I'd really rather avoid the section 8 scene, but I'm not staunch against it.

Oh... and my property is in south Dallas (a little below the Dallas zoo). My buddy's is kinda toward Mesquite (but before the 635).

Oh.. and I'm a property manager in Honolulu... so I think I'd be easy to work with.

Thanks BP!!!


Hi @Ted Kawabata I'm happy to help if you're still searching. I've got some great references and I'm both a broker and investor with a great team that handles our day-to-day management. Feel free to private message me and I'll send you my details, website, etc.