Where are the BP Meet ups?

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Hi BP'ers 

I live in Fort Worth TX.  I have the priviledge to be able to gather in pulbic and restuarnts are open and so on. I want to help foster a meet up in the Fort Worth area.  I have two ideas.  

  1. I would like to run a small book club for the book "Think and Grow Rich"  by Napolean Hill.  
  2. I would also like to see a bi-monthly offering to let people play the game "Rat Race".  I own the game and there are places nearby that I could host it at. 

Has Bigger Pockets removed meet ups?  Is there anyone that would be interested in these options?

Hope to foster,

Sam Eastling

Hi Samuel! Absolutely, there are a couple of BP meetings in the DFW area. The one I attended this morning was online with Zoom hosted by Tim Cook from westdfwreigroup.com  and meeting in person was a topic that was discussed. There a couple others that I'm sure another member has more details on. 

There is the @robin carriger   group aka DFW Real Estate Investor Club  that meets monthly in Hurst on Saturday mornings and occasionally during the week.   That's probably the closest one I know of to NRH.

@Chance B. I was apart of this meeting and was the person that asked about in person meeting haha. Yeah I really want to get some face time with some other members and start networking with people. I'm pretty introverted but I think talking to other like minded investors would pull me out of my shell so I am very much looking forward to this. I am definitely down if something gets planned in DFW. So count me in! I am really looking forward to meeting others and offer anything I can while I am still in my learning phase.

I'm right there with you, Jimmy! I'm working on being more social as well. Right now I'm still in the education phase reading, listening to podcasts, and just learning everything I can. My current job only has back in town 2-3days every couple months so it is difficult for me to network. Last night I had someone text me saying I was referred to them by another person whom I hadn't met either. Being on BP for only a couple weeks not being truly active and still having people contact me is CRAZY! I would really like to attend an even in person and build a team or join a group so we can work together and help each other.

Are there any REI meetups in South Dallas? We are about an hour and a half south of town on I45 but I'm willing to drive.

@Samuel Eastling already posted but just to reinforce:

Real Estate Groups

DFW REI Clubwww.dfwreiclub.com – meet about 50 times per year. Lots of different topics and a very friendly group.

Impact Grapevine - www.impactgrapevinetexas.com - Started in Bigger Pockets and super friendly atmosphere.