Investor Friendly Real Estate Agents in SL & Utah Counties

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Hello, I'm looking for a realtor who specialized with investors who operates in Salt Lake and Utah Counties. 

My preference would be someone who does investing themselves, is comfortable with putting in many offers and can the backlash from those offers.

Thanks everyone.

Clay Winder or anyone on his team (the red sign group).  Clay is a great guy to work with and has been investing for a while.

I'm not sure about putting in a ton of offers but you could certainly talk to him about it.

I would consider myself to be an investor friendly agent.  I helped one client purchase two investment properties over a 1 year period, but it took about two dozen offers (and another one to two dozen showings) to finally get these two under contract.  He knew exactly what he wanted and our showings took about 10 minutes per property to know if he wanted to make an offer or not.

I have limits to my flexibility though.  Here is what I would ask from you:  1. You get pre-qualified before hand.  2. Don't make blind offers (there are a few cases where I may allow this but generally I want you to see the home before submitting an offer). 3. If you are making low-ball offers I often give a verbal offer to the listing agent to see if it is even worth our time to write it up (It takes me up to an hour per offer to prepare and finalize an offer with digital signatures).  4. Give me 24 hour notice and be flexible for showings (sometime we can get into a home sooner, especially vacant listings, but I am not available for showings at any time).  

Let me know if these requests are reasonable and if  I can help you.  I focus my efforts in Utah county, but can do showings in Salt Lake county as time permits.

Try Tony Hellman with Keller Williams. He's experienced and an investor himself. Great guy. Not sure if he'll put in tons of offers though. He works in Murray. eight-oh-one-809-6133. 

@Troy Stoehr, thanks for the shout out!  Alex has some ambitious goals and a unique niche.  It should be fun locking up some deals with his criteria.  By the way, I just bought #18 last month in south Provo.  We need to get you going so you can catch up!