Recomm for a CPA or Lawyer that offer Incorportation Service

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Hi BP, 

I need a little help with the incorporation process. I'm mostly looking for a lawyer in Salt Lake to help draft an operations agreement for an LLC . Also, if any of you have suggestions for a CPA that would be great too. Thanks!

I just did mine myself. Its pretty easy with the utah commerical website. I then when on google and found a LLC operating agreement and put in my info and made it work for what I wanted. You can go down yourself, pay the fee, and file the paper and you are done. Good luck

Hi Nicole,
I'm a real estate and corporate attorney in SLC.  I would be happy to help if I can.  I don't think I'm allowed to post contact info here, but feel free to send a personal message on BP if you are interested. 



If you decide to do it yourself, then you may want to check out the state website:  The UT Division of Corporations website (and staff) are super helpful in navigating the process.  If you look at the GuideSheets section, they list what steps need to be followed.

@Shane Veltri Thanks for your response! I will probably file myself. The process seems easy, but I have a partner that I am working with. So I can't use an online form for the operating agreement :( I would like to have it drafted by a lawyer.

@Nicole Kemanjian , pm me if you need help filing yourself. It’s super easy, cheap, and quick. No need to pay someone

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