Looking for Handyman/sub-contractor in SLC, UT

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Anyone have any recommendations of a handyman/subcontractor or someone who is looking for some extra rehab work in SLC, UT.  We have duplex in the Avenues that we are trying to rehab and get ready to rent and looking for some extra help to get it done.  We also have a flip coming up in Aug/Sept that we will be looking for extra help with as well.  

I have over 10 years experience in rehabs but I'm looking for additional experienced handymen/women so I can turnover the rehabs quicker to get them rented or sold.   Also willing to work with new investors that want experience in learning to do rehabs and have a strong work ethic and are dependable.   Would love any recommendations or to connect with anyone interested in rehab work. 

Hi Jared-  looking for subs to help get things turned over.  Right now looking for help to do mostly finish work for kitchens and bathrooms (laying tile, putting in cabinets, trim and painting).  Thanks! Monte